Ecoforestry Institute Society


What We Do

EIS has two primary mandates:

  • to promote the principles and practice of ecoforestry while honouring the legacy of Merv Wilkinson, the previous owner of Wildwood.  As Trustees of Wildwood Ecoforest, we do this through the selective harvesting of trees as prescribed in our Management Plan.  The wood is milled on the property and used for onsite construction and the production of value-added wood products.  

  • to provide educational programming and opportunities for a wide range of audiences, from school children and students to seasoned professionals, academics, ecotourists and the general public.  

Wildwood Protections

In November 2016, and after a three-year effort, EIS won a Supreme Court of British Columbia decision to acquire Wildwood Ecoforest.  EIS is now the Trustee of Wildwood and holds it on behalf of the people of British Columbia.  

Wildwood is operated under the terms of a Trust Deed.  This deed was developed by Dr. Donovan Waters, Canada’s foremost trust lawyer, specifically for the protection of Wildwood and ensures that Wildwood can only ever be operated by a like-minded charitable society. 

What We’ve Achieved

  • Nov. 2016 - Acquisition of Wildwood Ecoforest

  • Fall 2017 - First Timber Harvest

  • 2018 Educational Programming - In 2018 we gave over 20 tours to groups ranging from elementary school classes to university groups, and individuals interested in ecoforestry, with local, national and international participants.

    In October, we hosted a pit-cook for Wildwood friends, supporters and volunteers.

  • 2018 Completion of the Homestead Restoration - a complete rebuild of electrical, mechanical, septic, water, insulation, and a range of energy efficiencies including solar. To enhance the experience at the Homestead we built two new decks and a dock that provides access to Quennell Lake.  The Homestead is available for private rental accommodation, corporate retreats and special events.  Click here for more information. 


2019 will be an ambitious year of events, education and work parties at Wildwood. Please check for details on our Events page.

Ecoforestry Around the World

Lübeck: Another Way of Logging

Learn what the City of Lübeck, Germany has done with a 5,000 hectare forest!

Before 1994, this forest would have been logged in the conventional method of using heavy machinery followed by replanting. But since 1994, Lübeck’s chief forester proposed a change in the way it was managed, using a new approach called “close to nature”, which was developed in cooperation with scientists and nature conservationists.

Read more by clicking the link below:

Provincial legislation under review:

Logging on Private land vs Private Managed Forest Land



Help us protect Wildwood and teach others about the importance of Ecoforestry. Become an EIS Member, Volunteer or Donate to help protect our forests.  


Join us at one or several of our work parties to groom trails, remove invasive plants, clear slash after a harvest, or garden in the native plant area around the Homestead. There’s always interesting tasks and you’ll meet a terrific group of people!

Donate Today!

Your donation helps us continue to protect Wildwood and provide educational programs to the public. Donate as a one time thing, monthly or as a legacy through wills, estates and shares.

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