See and Paint Like An Artist

See and Paint Like An Artist


Join us for a delightful afternoon at Wildwood with artist, Brian Middleton, and learn how to see and paint. We all know what it’s like to want to capture what you see in the forest but where do you start?

In the first half of the session, Brian will show you how to expand the visual experience of “seeing” a view or a particular detail that attracts you. For this half you will need either a digital phone or camera to take along for our forest walk in Wildwood.

In the second half, he will show you how to discover and translate that vision into an artistic creation by using material or memory from our walk together.

Bring your preferred materials and art media (digital* or a traditional medium) and Brian will guide you along.

* if you are using digital painting, please download the painting app “Procreate” (App Store) to your iPad prior to the workshop.

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Meet Brian Middleton

Brian Middleton

My passion for painting and drawing began in 1972 during a year in Provence as a foreign-language student at Universite d’Aix-Marseille.

When I returned to Canada I began studying Fine Arts at the Ontario College of Art, now OCAD, in Toronto.

For the past four decades I have been looking, seeing, creating and teaching Art. Most recently I am creating my paintings on my iPad Pro with an Apple Pencil. In many ways this new medium has simultaneously liberated me and challenged me to rise much more in terms of my visual language. (This is exciting stuff at this point in my career as a professional artist!)

My work is in private collections across North America and Europe. I have been a featured artist with Opus Art Stores (Victoria) and I have conducted live demonstrations and Performance-Art pieces with pianist David Klinger. Locally I have been a featured artist exhibiting at The McMillan Arts Centre, Chemainus Theatre and The Old Schoolhouse Arts Centre, Qualicum Beach. Over the past decade I hav been a Judge at the Canadian Open Sand Sculpting Competitions, Parksville - a number of times.

I will be teaching more painting workshops at The McMillan Arts Centre (The MAC) in 2019.

“Understanding who you are as an artist should be thought of as a life-long process inseparable from your work.”

— Enrique Martinez Celaya

This quotation is at the essence and core of what I have been doing as a professional artist in many mediums over the past 45 years.