Forest Bathing

Forest Bathing


Imagine yourself in the midst of a forest. Let yourself simply BE. Breathe the aroma. Listen to the sounds. See the forest in all its wonder. Relax. Go slow. Discover. Connect.

This is Forest Bathing (known in Japan as Shinrin-yoku) and for some it represents the potential to improve health, heart and mind. Studies show that this type of connection with nature is restorative and healing.

There are many things Forest Bathing is not. It is not a hike in the woods. But it may not be like any way you’ve spent time in the forest before.

It has proven potential to calm mind and spirit; scientists have parsed outsome of the micro particles of some of the forest’s medicinal properties; yet Forest Bathing is not something you think your way through.

Now imagine Forest Bathing at Wildwood. Here, the ancient trees drip with moss and the forest floor pops with new growth and energy. It is immediate; it is timeless; and it sustains through the seasons.

Forest Bathing can be practised individually or loosely with others. Please accept this invitation to dip your toes in the practice.

Join Michael Timney, our facilitator and registered clinical counsellor, in this experiential wellness practice with benefits that can be carried home with you.

Come open yourself to the nurturing forest.

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Michael is a self-taught Forest Bather who has been practising for three years. He holds a Masters in Education and works as a Registered Clinical Counsellor in Private Practise. He finds simple mindfulness practises and self-study techniques of clinical practise naturally suited to Forest Bathing with a non-clinical population. Michael describes Forest Bathing as a “wellness practise.”