Wildwood Happenings

here, preparing a wild salmon for the Pit Cook

Events in 2019


Public Tour of Wildwood

Third Sunday of each month, 1 - 3 pm

Explore the beauty of Wildwood and learn what ecoforestry really means and why it’s important now more than ever.

Tour by donation ($20 ea. suggested). All proceeds go to help us pay down the Wildwood mortgage and protect this unique property.


Winter Walk & Woodland Tea

January 26, 2019 - 1:00/1:30/2:00 pm

Join Dr. Nancy Turner and EIS co-chair, Barry Gates in a forest walk to discover what winter has in store for making a delightful woodland tea.

Then join us at the Homestead to Sip and Savour that tea with fresh baking by our forest elves.

There will also be a Silent Auction of sought after items! All proceeds will help fund more EIS workshops and events. Please bring cash or cheque.

Non-members: $45/person Members: $35/person

Only 50 spaces available so reserve your place today! Please select preferred tour time (1:00, 1:30 or 2:00 pm)


Forest Bathing

Sunday, January 27th at 1pm

More than just a walk in the woods!

Forest Bathing has arisen out of contemporary Japan and is now being noticed on our side of the Pacific. There are many things it is not. It may not be like any way you’ve spent time in the forest before.

It has proven potential to calm mind and spirit; scientists have parsed out some of the micro particles of the forest’s medicinal properties; yet Forest Bathing is not something you think your way through.

Forest Bathing can be practiced individually or loosely with others. Please accept this invitation to dip your toes into the practice.

Come open yourself to the nurturing forest.

Cost: $45/person (2-1/2 hours)

Past Events


Pit Cook

with Dr. Nancy Turner

PAST EVENT - October 17, 2018



Forest Tour

with Dr. Nancy Turner & Friends

PAST EVENT - May 20, 2018



Join Us

Protecting old growth forests and their ecosystems is rewarding and you’ll enjoy learning from our knowledgeable team about the complex community of plants, trees and fauna in an ecoforest.



Join us at one or several of our work parties to groom trails, remove invasive plants, clear slash after a harvest, or garden in the native plant area around the Homestead. There’s always interesting tasks and you’ll meet a terrific group of people!


Your donation helps us continue to protect Wildwood and provide educational programs to the public. Donate as a one time thing, monthly or as a legacy through wills, estates and shares.