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“Wildwood Ecoforest serves an example of what forests on Vancouver Island might have looked like had government not engaged in a management policy of old-growth elimination and the replacement of these magnificent forests by short rotation, mono-species stands. In the face of climate change, this decision will have devastating consequences.”

Barry Gates, Ecoforestry Institute Society Co-Chair

EIS Supports BC GREEN Party Call for a Moratorium on Old-Growth Logging

The Ecoforestry Institute Society is pleased to support the BC Green Party's call for government to halt old-growth logging in BC.  Please add your voice to their call for public support.

EIS treasures the old-growth forest found within Wildwood and manages it within the parameters of the ecoforestry model.  These trees tower over ecosystems that have thrived for centuries, a legacy that EIS is careful to preserve and protect.  EIS is in the forefront of  building a working ecoforestry model that embraces environmental, economic, social and cultural values.  

May 13, 2019 Press Release from the Green Party:

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